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Planet Asia may be “gettin’ bread all across the globe,” but the Fresno, Calif native hasn’t lost an ounce of perspective when it comes to his come-up and those who raised him. He also hasn’t lost the ability to kick back and reflect on life, something he enjoys here with Marvelous Mag, in the visuals for “International.”

The smooth and reflective track stems from ‘Seventy Nine,’ Planet Asia’s collaborative LP with beatsmith, DJ Concept. And here, it soundtracks a well-deserved day off for the West Coast-hailing rapper, who chills at a local New York pizza spot with Mag and their crew. They also post overlooking the UN Building, which is only fitting given the track’s title.

In between chowing down on slices and shooting the sh*t, Planet Asia reminisces on his younger days and how he’s graduated from the streets to selling out crowds on an international scale. It’s all captured by The Last American B-Boy of MonStar Films.

‘Seventy Nine,’ is available for download through all major digital retailers, and can be purchased on CD as well as limited-edition gold vinyl, via Coalmine Records.

Funky DL steps back into the audio-arena with this POWERFUL lead track entitled “Autonomic” from his forthcoming album “Autonomy: The 4th Quarter 2”. The full album will be available from September 2nd 2016, but in the meantime, DL assaults the mic on this track with his intricate flow and heartfelt expressions of self-determination, sovereignty and independence.

“Muhammad Ali would always say that he’s the greatest, even in the face of all the haters and the naysayers”.

When Imperial and K.I.N.E.T.I.K. released their single ‘Go Hard’ back in 2013 containing the above lines, little did they know that the man who inspired those thoughts would no longer be with us just three short years later.

To commemorate Muhammad Ali and celebrate his life, the duo have put together a special tribute that also serves as a remix to the aforementioned single. The triumphant horn stabs, seductive saxophone riffs and punchy verses sound like something that Muhammad Ali may have listened to before stepping in the ring with George Foreman or Joe Frazier. The spirit of ‘Ali Bomaye’ is undeniably tangible and the duo definitely deliver a knockout punch.

If you are facing the fight of your life or your back is against the ropes, this song is all the motivation you will need to keep swinging. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali

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