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A Moment to Reflect 3 is a walk through the world of Hip-Hop, where the elements have seemed to be forgotten. Riddled with loads of similes & metaphors, this compilation of international sounds and features provides listeners with a glimpse of the worldwide appeal that Hip Hop has established. The age of lyrics, beats, & cuts is still alive and well. This project was assembled with the intention of showcasing producers & emcees from Serbia, Germany, England, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Norway, Belgium, France, and the United States. Venomous2000’s appeal spans the globe, literally! Venomous approaches every track with the cadence and command of a master Emcee! With emcee features by London’s very own Juga Naut & Scorzayzee; France’s Sanai, New Jersey’s very own Fel Sweetenberg & Mr. Fickle, The Formulis, Twylight; Chicago’s Thaione Davis AMTR3 is a raw, fun, witty straight Boom Bap journey into the world of this New Jersey native. Venomous2000’s flow is undeniable over production by Japan’s Repeat Pattern, France’s Matnez & Phalo, Trinidad’s Boogie Brown, Germany’s MecStreem, Indianapolis’s Chopzilla, & Boston’s DJ Manipulator. Paying homage to Hip Hop legends such as, KRS-ONE, Big Daddy Kane, Wu-Tang Clan and more, the Ultra Emcee is sure to have you wanting to inspect some of his previous and/or future works for certain! We discovered Venomous2000 first with the release of a previous project by #MASSACR, which Venomous is a part of. We decided that a full release project through Pragmatic Theory would be a wonderful way to provide Venomous2000 the just due platform that he deserves.