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Underground Urban Culture

Long Island NY based brothers Lifetime & S.I. drop their debut LP “From the Hart” which is produced by Endemic Emerald. The set features Blaq Poet, Sha Stimuli, Cyrus Malachi, Phoenix Da Icefire & D Fabs. Lifetime has been putting in great work over the last couple of years working with Sha Stimuli, Queens based production duo Thorotracks & more. On “From the Hart” the two brothers bring their all with emotionally driven rhymes and deliveries over Endemic Emerald’s sublime production. Stand out cuts are “Mind, Body, Soul”, “Hip Hop poets” & “Better way”. The latter being a dedication track to their fallen cousin Ghost.

To celebrate the release of his debut album, B4.Da.$$, rapper Joey Bada$$ heads to Brooklyn-based chicken-and-waffles joint Sweet Check to hang out with proprietor John Seymour. The duo decides to turn “Curry Chicken”—Joey’s favorite childhood dish, and the title of one of his new songs—into a brand-new Sweet Chick dish. They’re so pleased with the results that they host a party and impromptu performance at the restaurant to share it with friends—but not before the “Bada$$ Waffle” gets the seal of approval from the Joey’s mom.

Yaves releases new single ‘Revolver’. The content is an infiltration into a culture that is in need of a revolution. “Stupidity is gold now-a-days/ all these gold chains got them rapping like slaves/talking sideways I want to snatch them off stage/ how you cop J’s and your bills ain’t paid”, Yaves’ dexterity, darting mind, and ability to stack unusual ideas is front and center on this single. With the help of Keisha Soleil on the hook, and production courtesy of Z4L, ‘Revolver’ shows the skill-set that Yaves has to take the small details of an issue, and paint a portrait of the larger picture.